Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Annette Godfrey Lambeth On Facebook Emphasizes Excellence In Education

As the stimulating essay by Annette Godfrey Lambeth on Facebook demonstrates, excellence in education necessitates a constant redefining of objectives and methodologies. Many teachers are passionately committed to their responsibilities. They perform their role with patience, diligence, sympathy, and unswerving dedication to the needs of their students. They realize that the role of a teacher is not simply to impart knowledge. It also includes the ability to control a class, having the gravitas to command respect, and maintaining an awareness that all students learn and study differently. The strength of a good teacher lies in their capacity to be enthusiastic, respectful, knowledgeable, and professional. Spinning all of these plates at once is no easy task in a classroom of students.

Education is the stepping stone for an improved quality of life, improved career prospects, health, and well-being. Investing in good quality education for all stimulates future equality across the country. Even from a very early age, a comprehensive education has proved beneficial for students of any ability and from any background. For Annette Lambeth, making progress in the world of education means clearly defining the role of the teacher to allow them to inspire and encourage their students. Naturally, this mission often takes a lot of patience and persistence, but proves ultimately very rewarding.

Annette Lambeth's Bio on Pinterest defines the importance of education, and makes clear this is even more pronounced when it comes to special needs learning. The unique nature of this role requires an educator with compassion, patience, and an ability to respond to each student individually. Annette Lambeth is a Special Needs educator and facilitator who has worked continuously to provide all children in the Adams 12 Five Star School District in Colorado with this level of education. Children who suffer from a range of conditions, which impair their ability to learn easily and fluently, require lessons that are creative and engaging. By implementing such lessons and methodologies, these children are often able to  grasp concepts that might otherwise prove impossible to absorb.

Specialized training is required for those teachers willing to put in countless hours of extra effort to provide individualized tuition for students in this category. Educational programs which set a child’s school experience in a positive learning environment, requires considerable hard work and expertise. In Annette Lambeth’s own experience, she places her own academic achievements as being crucial to her success. It is therefore her passion to help facilitate this opportunity for others. After studying Educational Administration and Leadership at Immaculata University, she embarked on enhancing the education of children and adults from the age of 3-21 years in the state of Colorado.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Annette Lambeth Believes Understanding Learning Difficulties Is The Key To Unlocking Potential

Annette Lambeth passionately believes that education is one of our most valued rights and cherished entitlements, and implemented from an early age helps to grow a student’s potential for the years to come. She is deeply interested in all stages of the learning process, and has conducted research into many areas of special needs teaching.

Annette Lambeth firmly believes understanding learning difficulties is key to unlocking the potential of every child who is at present disadvantaged in the U.S. school system. As has recently been discovered, there are many different types of learning disabilities that could impinge on how an individual child develops his or her learning capacities. As Annette Lambeth illustrates, it is important that diagnoses are made as early as possible so the right measures can be taken in schools for children to receive the support they deserve. In the past, most students with a learning difficulty have been mistakenly described as being either unintelligent or purposefully disruptive. However, gradually the perspective is changing. Students suffering from disabilities such as dyslexia or attention deficiency hyperactive disorder (ADHD) are now being taught using a wide range of techniques and methodologies. It is important to treat each child individually, and to implement ways to give them the education they deserve.

As she makes clear on 'Annette Lambeth on CrowdRise Researches Best Learning Styles' (annettegodfreylambeth.quora), as many as 17% of school children are dyslexic, and almost one in ten has been diagnosed with ADHD. This is still a condition that is grossly misunderstood, and it is equally important for parents and teachers alike to be aware of the symptoms as early as possible so that support can be provided from an early age. Annette Lambeth has recently developed a Special Education Summer Symposium in order to recruit and educate new teachers into a career in Special Education. While it can be challenging work, she also regards it as highly rewarding, believing it is important for all teachers to understand the significant role it can play in a student’s life.
Annette Lambeth has dedicated her career in pedagogy to understanding how best to tackle learning difficulties in the educational system. Having realised from an early age the rewards that helping others provides, she has worked tirelessly to develop and improve educational support for students. Education was the field in which she has always had a passion, and after a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania she decided to specialize in education for students aged 3 years to 21 years old who require special attention. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled ‘Learning Style Preferences for Secondary Students Identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.’ She has since helped implement these methods in her role as Executive Director of Student Support Services in Colorado.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Annette Lambeth Works Towards Education Equality

Annette Lambeth is an Executive Director of Student Support Services, whose role has been to improve the support for children with specific learning requirements. Her academic background shows an individual intent on furthering education for children from pre-school to the age of 21 years, whose requirements demand a different approach than that normally given in a classroom. Throughout her career she has helped hundreds of children  to fulfill their potential, and she believes that learning is an important symbiosis existing between student and teacher. Not for nothing is Annette Lambeth and education equality frequently spoken of with one breath.

Annette Lambeth on Facebook shows that she has truly excelled in the field of education. Her own academic achievements  pay ample testimony to the virtues of hard work and discipline - she gained a 4.0 GPA from the Immaculata University in the Educational Administration and Leadership Doctoral program - and it is her unswerving belief that all students should have full access to a comprehensive and wide-ranging education. She studied Secondary Social Studies at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, before going on to the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned her Masters degree in Special Education. Helping others to attain the same level of education as she has been fortunate enough to enjoy is her long-term objective. And for this reason she has specialized in subjects including education administration and leadership, and special education law. She has authored and published a highly-regarded dissertation entitled, ‘Learning Style Preferences for Secondary Students Identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,’ and is a Nationally Certified Individualized Education Program (IEP) Facilitator.

For Annette Lambeth the phrase, 'Make A Difference,' could well be her life's maxim. For nearly 20 years she has consistently sought to further her own educational aptitude, whilst supporting others on providing the highest standard of student support services. She personally developed a Special Education Summer Symposium in an effort to recruit, support and educate new teachers in the field of Special Education. Annette Lambeth has also served on the Colorado Department of Education, as well as the IEP Technical Assistance Workgroup designed to create a database of IEPs for teachers to source and research.

Her commitment both in and outside the work environment demonstrates an inspiring and deeply-held commitment to the cause of children with learning difficulties. For Annette Godfrey Lambeth, directing student support services is the ideal position for her to utilize both her expertise and passion for makinghigh-quality education a prerequisite for any student in any school. She fully believes that Academia should not be a privilege but an enshrined right, regardless of the background or ability of a child.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Annette Lambeth Looks At Closing The Education Gap

Learning difficulties affect children from all backgrounds and ethnicities. However, research has so far has found no definitive cause. As a result, it is now more crucial than ever for educational institutions to focus on how best to teach students with these problems. Providing the right support and directing specialized attention to their educational needs will prevent any disadvantages in the long run. New technologies and a more creative approach has brought new methods to light, which allow students to learn at their own pace in a way that will help them acquire and retain new information. And according to Annette Lambeth, closing the education gap means exploring new methodologies and techniques to continue this important trend.

For example, parents of children with ADHD, dyslexia, and similar difficulties, have reported that the benefits of a good supported learning program in school also have a beneficial effect at home. For Annette Lambeth, putting suitable techniques in place to help children focus better also improves their behavior and prevents them feeling frustrated or isolated in the classroom. Young adults who have benefitted from immediate diagnosis when young report no disadvantages in the workplace. Thanks to the tireless efforts of enlightened educators such as Annette Lambeth, progress is rapidly being made to understand and rectify the blight that causes so many children to miss out on the opportunities education can offer.

For Annette Lambeth, rethinking our modern education system is a vital first step in minimising educational inequalities. Specializing in administrative and leadership roles, her role as Executive Director of Student Support Services blends her professional background and academic passion perfectly. As supervisor of Special Educational planning in the Adams 12 Five Star School District , Colorado,she helps support,develop, and implement programs vital to providing education for those who have difficulties learning. It is estimated that one in six children in the United States suffer from one form of disability or another that directly impairs their scholastic capabilities.

Annette Lambeth concentrated her doctoral thesis on researching the best learning styles for students with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. ADHD has witnessed a staggering 42 percent rise in the past decade. Students with ADHD have proven difficulties concentrating and observing good behavioral patterns in the classroom. Individualized Learning Programs (ILP), which provide extra support for a specialized approach to each individual student are crucial to allow sufferers to learn at the same rate as other students. Closely allied with ADHD is dyslexia, which inhibits reading ability and recall. Equipping these students from an early age with tools that will help them learn provides the best educational outcome - not only for them, but for fellow students who would be otherwise adversely affected by disruption or the lack of their attention from the teacher.