Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Annette Lambeth - Be Determined

In life you have to be determined if you want succeed: determination is what pushes you to do the best that you can do no matter what the circumstances. I have always been an extremely determined individual and I have always worked hard to make my dreams a reality. From an early age, I was interested in the idea of education as a system, a mechanism in place that allows people to broaden their minds, pursue their dreams, and even better their economic circumstances. I wanted to be part of this grand scheme and so I worked hard and devoted myself to my studies and then eventually went on to study Educational Administration and Leadership at Immaculata University where I later attained a 4.0 GPA. It was fascinating to be able to study education as a discipline and career choice, and to look back on the history of schooling systems, areas where they had strength and areas that people wanted to improve. My time at Immaculata University simply increased my determination to make education my career and to make a positive difference to the lives of the people that I encountered.

At Immaculata University I experienced the academic side of things: I gained a broad understanding of educational theory and history and also the logistical know-how necessary to manage large systems, solving bureaucratic difficulties. The time that I spent in this institution was absolutely necessary and taught me essential things and after I graduated, I immediately decided to put my knowledge to use and set out on the career that would define my professional life. Every step of the way, I clung onto the determination that had first motivated me to make this my choice. Determination was what pushed me to work harder than everybody else and to stay awake in the library long after most driven people had given up. I always felt as though there was something more to do, something else to be discovered, and I wanted to experience my life as something that could help other people and transform their lives. Determination is a characteristic of my personality of which I am proud and I believe that it is my determination that has allowed me to realize my dream of being an educational administrator, helping children to realize their potential.

Annette Lambeth - Why Education is Important

I have always understood the importance of education and as a result of this understanding has always been the sort of person who applies themselves whole-heartedly to every situation in which I finds herself. Education has always been a particular passion of mine and this is reflected in my early life and the dedication with which I approached my own studies. From an early age, I understood that an education was everything: an education symbolized a pathway into a whole different future and was the pivot on which my dreams rested. I worked hard in school and devoted myself to my studies and by means of this achieved the necessary grades to get into the university of my choice. From Day One, I knew that the foundations I laid down as a young person would be what would allow me to follow my dreams and passions in my adult life.

I studied Educational Administration and Leadership at Immaculata University because I realized that my passions lay in this area: I wanted to communicate a sense of just how important an early education was to children who might not have had the same opportunities and it was this impulse that led me to accept a place on this course. I loved my studies and Immaculata University as a whole: I felt like I was on the way to achieving my dreams and making the world a better place for everybody else. I have always believed that education is one of the most essential steps in a childs development and I think it is a tragedy just how many vulnerable children slip through the school system I believed that something had to be done to help these people and I wanted to be part of that positive change. I applied myself and worked hard at university and then graduated with a 4.0 GPA of which I am very proud. The things that I learned at Immaculata University have stayed with me to the present day and I made many invaluable friends during my time there.

After graduating, I went back into the educational system but this time as an administrator. I wanted to use the skills that I had developed in order to refine the system and to improve it for everybody, helping children in need of a good education. Education is the most important thing that we can give to generations beneath us: the things they learn when they are young shape the people that they become. I am proud to be part of the educational system.