Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Annette Lambeth, Helping Bring Talented Teachers into Special Education

Special education is a niche of the educational field that demands high level working professionals. In many ways, the academia and working profession of special education is more challenging than traditional educational practices. Learning about he different learning disadvantages children have, and how to best teach them in which environments is difficult and still a relatively new field. Innovations and research are being made year upon year to help close the education gap and make the system more suitable not only for children with these disadvantages  but also the system in general. On top of my new role as the new  Director of Special Education and Children Services at Laradon Hall in Denver, Colorado, I also have retained my focus on trying to attract and maintain those people who work in the field of special education.
You can find out more about my life and work here Annette Lambeth on Pinterest. Working in special education can be extremely challenging, yet at the same time infinitely rewarding. Being able to help a child who is born with certain learning disadvantages achieve their full potential is a feeling difficult to describe. I always believe that a good way a functioning civil society can be judged is in the way it treats those most in need. From my time working in the field of special education I have been lucky enough of work with some incredibly devoted and committed staff, who have reinforced by belief that this country can be proud of its commitment to developing the education system.
However, working in this field, as mentioned, is extremely demanding. The turnover of staff can be quite high, so teachers and professionals need all the support they can get along the way to deal with the emotional stresses of the work. This is why in 2015 I ran and organized a Special Education Summer Symposium in an effort to recruit, retain and support new teachers to the field of Special Education. The aim of the event was also to allow professionals in this field to network and share ideas, stories and reinforce each others belief in the wonderful work they are all doing. I hope to run more events like this in the future, and believe that with the drive and commitment of those I ave met working in the field, the future of special education looks very bright indeed. Find out more here at Annette Lambeth - Why Education is Important.

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