Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Annette Lambeth Believes Understanding Learning Difficulties Is The Key To Unlocking Potential

Annette Lambeth passionately believes that education is one of our most valued rights and cherished entitlements, and implemented from an early age helps to grow a student’s potential for the years to come. She is deeply interested in all stages of the learning process, and has conducted research into many areas of special needs teaching.

Annette Lambeth firmly believes understanding learning difficulties is key to unlocking the potential of every child who is at present disadvantaged in the U.S. school system. As has recently been discovered, there are many different types of learning disabilities that could impinge on how an individual child develops his or her learning capacities. As Annette Lambeth illustrates, it is important that diagnoses are made as early as possible so the right measures can be taken in schools for children to receive the support they deserve. In the past, most students with a learning difficulty have been mistakenly described as being either unintelligent or purposefully disruptive. However, gradually the perspective is changing. Students suffering from disabilities such as dyslexia or attention deficiency hyperactive disorder (ADHD) are now being taught using a wide range of techniques and methodologies. It is important to treat each child individually, and to implement ways to give them the education they deserve.

As she makes clear on 'Annette Lambeth on CrowdRise Researches Best Learning Styles' (annettegodfreylambeth.quora), as many as 17% of school children are dyslexic, and almost one in ten has been diagnosed with ADHD. This is still a condition that is grossly misunderstood, and it is equally important for parents and teachers alike to be aware of the symptoms as early as possible so that support can be provided from an early age. Annette Lambeth has recently developed a Special Education Summer Symposium in order to recruit and educate new teachers into a career in Special Education. While it can be challenging work, she also regards it as highly rewarding, believing it is important for all teachers to understand the significant role it can play in a student’s life.
Annette Lambeth has dedicated her career in pedagogy to understanding how best to tackle learning difficulties in the educational system. Having realised from an early age the rewards that helping others provides, she has worked tirelessly to develop and improve educational support for students. Education was the field in which she has always had a passion, and after a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania she decided to specialize in education for students aged 3 years to 21 years old who require special attention. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled ‘Learning Style Preferences for Secondary Students Identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.’ She has since helped implement these methods in her role as Executive Director of Student Support Services in Colorado.

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